Favorite Surah to Recite

Going back over my favorite Surah that I like to recite and subhanAllah it’s amazing when I really think about the meanings of the verses and what they mean to me. Without knowing Arabic Allah drew my heart to these surahs and only now, really contemplating them, am I in ever growing awe. Every believer has his or her things they struggle with and looking at these ayats I feel more and more like its a conversation. Things I struggle with, Allah has been speaking through these words to me about them and only now, when I’ve really taken a minute to contemplate, does it sink in. A conversation and advising and warning. Alhamdulillah


What the crazy, my son just kicked my hand with some force. Felt like he was doing some muy thai in there.

An unshakeable feeling that something is amiss.


I’ve been called weird more than a few times in my life, and you know what? I’m completely fine with it, in fact I completely embrace it. Life would be so boring if I was normal. There would be so much in life I probably wouldn’t have experienced. It fueled my creativity, pushed me to think differently.

The best part of weird, no ones weird is the same as another’s weird. Weird is unique. So to all my weird counterparts across the internet landscape, cheers and keep I weirding it up.

Weak Minds Discuss People; Average Minds Discuss Problems; Strong Minds Discuss Solutions

Weak Minds Discuss People; Average Minds Discuss Problems; Strong Minds Discuss Solutions


When I was in Cali earlier this year I had lunch with Muhammad Faqih and we talked about bringing up children and he gave me some advice I’m hoping I don’t forget, something he wished he’d done himself. I hope I can withstand giving my kid my phone or iPad to play with. I want them to be engaged in the world around them, build weird contraptions, pretend a box is a spaceship, talk and interact withe and not a screen. And I know it’s not easy, especially me being me with digital screens ALL around me. But I want my kids to have experiences (the good ones) that I had.

I grew up experimenting with a lot, sometimes to dangerous effects (see: putting fork in outlet not once but twice) but also inventing contraptions. Once I was bored of watching tv and looked out the window; straight view down towards my gate. I ran around the house looking everywhere for rope and strings then proceeded to make a pulley system to open and close the gate from my bedroom window, doubled as an alarm to tell me when someone came over. It was fun. Whenever I recall a story like that to some one I always get the: why. But why not.

The mind, especially of a child, is much too precious to let its imagination and learning go away.


I struggle with sincerity, with trying to understand my intentions. Why am I doing a certain thing, am I doing it for praise of others or to seek the love if my Lord. I’d much rather do everything from the background hidden away, it would be so much easier.

Solution 1: I wonder if I could create a robot that can be my surrogate so no one ever sees me, just control it from my phone. Instead of having to go in front of people and fix this or that I could send the ‘iSub’ and control it from my phone and it would just look like I’m busy playing angry birds muahaha. Oh the dreams I have.

Weirdest moment, trying to fix a sound system, perfectly hidden behind a table, unbeknownst to me people move the table to the side and I turned around to see a whole LOT of people watching what I was doing, I even think I jumped a little when I turned haha.

Solution 2: If the robot fails or tries to take over the human race… I need to get an intern… Scratch that, free intern. Get them google glass and have them be my ears eyes and hands, and I can hide in back haha.

I have an extremely scatter brain, and all my friends can attest to that. I’ve literally been in the middle of speaking about subject A and a word in my phrase just switching my whole sentence to topic Z and it makes total sense in my head and everyone just looks at me like I’M the one that’s crazy haha. This post is probably a good example of it as well.

Ok I’m getting too scattered, already started to talk about something else but I’ll move it to another post, good morrow internets.